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Casio to Launch Tough Tablets with Specialized Business Features

  • July 27, 2012
  • Revised November 05, 2012



TOKYO, July 27, 2012 - Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of the V-T500-GE and V-T500E business tablets. Based on a product concept of “Smart and Tough,” these new tablets offer rugged, dependable performance and a full range of features to suit various work styles.

The new tablets make the most of the advanced design and energy-saving technologies of Casio's handheld terminals while incorporating innovative ideas that will challenge how people think about what a tablet can do.

Developed using Casio's advanced shock-resistant design, the V-T500-GE and V-T500E can withstand a drop of up to one meter, and also feature dust and splash-proof performance compliant with IP54 standards. The large-capacity, dedicated rechargeable battery provides an extensive operating time, and can be replaced easily by the user on the move. The new tablets also deliver tough, robust security, coming with an NFC Reader/Writer that can authenticate user login using a non-contact IC card, and they have a Secure Access Module (SAM) slot for applications where even higher security is required.

The new tablets run Android™ 4.0 and are equipped with an OMAP4460 1.5GHz dual core CPU. The 10.1-inch screen offers excellent readability indoors and out, and offer multi-finger touch control as well as digitizer pen input (sold separately) for ease of use. Also built in are an NFC Reader/Writer to support recognition of RFID tags and 5.0-megapixel cameras on front and rear . These new tablets are ideal for a wide range of business applications, including in-store customer service, maintenance operations, and sales visits.

    • Can withstand a drop of one meter, splash/dust-proof (IP54 compliant), and have a replaceable, rechargeable battery for many hours of operation
    • NFC Reader/Writer that can recognize non-contact IC cards and RFID tags
    • Login authentication function using a non-contact IC Card, and a Secure Access Module slot for an even higher degree of security
    • 5.0-megapixel cameras on the front and rear for a wide range of uses such as sending status reports to management
    • Easy-to-view 10.1” screen can be controlled with multi-finger touch or a digitizer pen (sold separately)
    • Lineup includes a model with 3G Wireless WAN (HSPA) technology, useful for work in the field


3G Wireless WAN
Reader / Writer
camera on rear
camera on front


V-T500-GE / V-T500-E Main Features

Outstanding toughness that can withstand a drop of one meter

In addition to an impact-resistant frame construction, the V-T500-GE and V-T500-E ability to survive a drop of up to one meter is aided by reinforcements such as corner protectors made of elastomer resin for superior shock absorption. The tablets are also IP54 compliant and can operate at temperatures down to -20°C. Moreover, the cradle and cradle-type charger (both sold separately) feature non-contact charging, which eliminates charging problems that arise from poor contact. The tablets meet the challenging requirements of many different work environments.

Large-capacity battery provides many hours of continuous operation and can be replaced easily by the user

With the large-capacity rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and the painstaking power-saving design, the tablets can operate continuously for approx. 12 hours*1 (approx. 10 hours*2 for the T500E). The main rechargeable battery pack can be replaced easily by the user. Since a backup battery maintains operation of the tablet, there is no downtime while the rechargeable battery is being replaced.

*1. In the case of 3 hours of operation (in which the following cycle is repeated: 3 minutes of 3G Wireless WAN transmission, 1 minute of screen viewing, and 6 minutes of application operation), and 9 hours of standby (3G Wireless WAN standby and screen off).
*2. When the following cycle is repeated: 1 minute of data transmission, 1 minute of video playback, 3 minutes of screen viewing, and 10 minutes of standby (screen off)

5.0-megapixel cameras front and rear

The V-T500-GE and V-T500-E are equipped with a front camera that can even shoot video, and a rear camera that has an LED light. The two cameras can be used for a wide range of purposes including sending status reports to management.

NFC Reader/Writer that can even utilize RFID tags

The tablets can read/write RFID tags (13.56 MHz) that comply with standards for non-contact IC card such as FeliCa® and MIFARE® or ISO 15693. They are also equipped with a SAM slot for an even higher level of security.

Large 10.1” screen with multi-finger touch or digitizer pen control

The V-T500-GE and V-T500-E are equipped with a large 10.1-inch screen with LED backlight for outstanding readability. The screen features a capacitive touch panel that detects six-point multi finger action input, as well as a high-precision digitizer. In addition to finger touch input, a digitizer pen (sold separately) can be used.
Applications can also be developed that operate differently based on the input method used (finger-touch or digitizer pen), even at the same point on the screen.

Various scalability options

Supporting Bluetooth® Ver.4.0+EDR/LE, the new tablets work with compatible devices such as mobile printers and headsets. In addition, they feature double slots for SD memory cards and for microSD cards, allowing for the installation of applications up front, and easy data migration at the time of unit replacement. Also equipped with USB host, USB client, and HDMI ports, the tablets are versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide range of business environments.

Multiple handling options

The V-T500-GE and V-T500-E come with a hand belt for securely holding the tablet horizontally or vertically, a neck strap that can be also worn over the shoulder, and a screen cover that can also be used as a stand. These accessories make the tablets readily adaptable to various work environments.

Equipped with a 3G wireless WAN module (V-T500-GE)


V-T500-GE / V-T500-E Main Accessories

Digitizer pen (HA-M96PEN)
Hand belt (HA-M95HB)
Cradle (HA-M62IO)
Neck Strap (HA-M97ST)
Cradle-type battery charger (HA-M30CHG)
Screen cover (HA-M98DC)
Dual battery charger (HA-M32DCHG)
Car adapter (HA-M37CAC)

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