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A Performance Synthesizer Specially Designed for
Creating Sounds and Expressive Playing



The XW-P1 is a true performance synthesizer that allows users to create a wide array of sounds from many preset tones, including Solo Synthesizer, Hex Layer, and Drawbar Organ tones, as well as numerous types of internal PCM and Synth waves. The unit is also loaded with a full range of functions that are useful for live performances. Weighing only 5.4 kilograms and with a slimly designed body, the XW-P1 can be powered with dry cell batteries, making it possible to be played in a wide range of live settings—from the stage to the street.


Wide selection of preset tones ensures quick access in performances

■ 100 Solo Synthesizer presets can reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds

■ 50 Hex Layer presets layer as many as six tones for ensemble sounds

■ 50 Drawbar Organ presets can reproduce traditional Drawbar Organ sounds

■ A total of 420 PCM Melody and PCM Drum presets have been produced from samples of various instrument sounds including pianos, guitars, and drums


Special features make it easy for discerning performers to create sounds

■ A total of 311 internal Synth waves reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds

■ A total of 2,158 PCM waves are built in, including wave data from the CZ series, Casio’s best-selling digital synthesizers of the 1980s

■ Users can create integrated sounds by layering analog synthesizer waves and PCM waves

■ Users can produce original Hex Layer sounds by combining as many as six preset tones

■ Users can create their own Drawbar Organ sounds by using the nine sliders


Variety of functions useful for live performances

■ Users can assign performance setups for up to four designated keyboard zones by using the Performance function

■ The Phrase Sequencer lets users create and play back musical phrases to enhance their performances

■ The Step Sequencer allows users to create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns

■ The Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys


Useful features for applications ranging from performance to music production

■ SMF data or audio data saved on an SD card can be played back while playing the keyboard

■ MIDI devices, microphones, audio players, and other equipment can be connected using the various input and output terminals

■ Portable audio equipment or MIDI devices can be placed on the designated rubber holding space


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