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Casio Releases EXILIM That Makes It Easier Than Ever to Take Great Pictures




Main Features of the EX-ZR20

EXILIM ENGINE HS with high-speed shooting and high-speed image processing

The EX-ZR20 incorporates the EXILIM ENGINE HS for high-speed shooting and high-speed processing. In addition to a dual-CPU configuration that creates two image processing paths, the camera is equipped with a reconfigurable processor that delivers high-performance functions and high-speed processing using Casio’s latest technologies. With the engine, the EX-ZR20 features 0.13-second high-speed auto focus* and as little as 0.26 seconds between photos,* making photography effortless from start-up to shooting.

The EXILIM Engine HS also delivers advanced functions such as HDR-ART, which creates artistic images, and HS Night Shot, which captures bright images in minimal light conditions by taking advantage of the camera’s high-speed continuous shooting capability at a speed of 30 shots per second.

  • *. Values determined using Casio’s measurement method.


Premium AUTO PRO function produces beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button

The Premium AUTO PRO function automatically analyzes the shooting scene to choose the best settings and perform image processing. It automatically combines images from high-speed continuous shooting according to shooting conditions to create gorgeous photos. Users can easily take sophisticated photos at the press of the shutter button, thanks to the automatic activation of functions such as HDR technology for high-contrast conditions, High Speed Night Scene mode for night shots, and High Speed Anti Shake for high-power zoom shooting.


Premium Auto Movie takes beautiful Full HD movies with a single press of the Movie button

The Premium Auto Movie function automatically analyzes the scene to choose the best settings, by detecting people, landscapes, night scenes, macro subjects, blue skies and foliage.


HS Night Shot captures bright images in minimal light conditions

The HS Night Shot function merges images taken with high-speed continuous shooting to produce bright, sharply focused shots of scenes that appear dark to the naked eye, without using a flash. HS Night Shot can deliver images with sensitivity up to the equivalent of ISO12800, through processing that aligns continuous shooting images, reduces noise and combines the images.


Art Shot gives the freedom to create artistic photos

Art Shot offers seven different effects for creating impressively artistic photos, including toy camera, soft focus, light tone, pop art, sepia, black & white and miniature effects. Users can change the processing levels of each effect and color to create artistic photos so good they feel like professional photographers.


HDR technology faithfully reproduces images as they really appear

With Casio’s HDR technology, each press of the shutter button actually takes several shots at different exposures and instantly combines them into a single image with a high dynamic range. This minimizes over exposed or under exposed areas in the image, creating a photo that captures all the rich tonal gradation of the scene just as it appears in real life.


HDR-ART creates artistic photos

The EX-ZR20 features Casio’s HDR-ART function to create artistic photos, by combining continuous shots with differing exposures and performing highly precise image analysis to locally change levels of contrast and color saturation. Users can select from three different processing levels of art effects. The function can also be applied to movies (only one level of art effect available).


Blurred Background function lets users take impressive photos like a single-lens reflex camera

Casio has employed its high-speed continuous shooting technologies to create an original technique for processing the background scene of a shot like the soft blur effect attainable using a single-lens reflex camera, thereby accentuating the subject of the photo. Users can select from three different processing levels of blur effects.


Scenes come alive in their full expansiveness with the Wide Shot function

The EX-ZR20 combines continuous shots taken with high-speed continuous shooting when the user is moving the camera, enabling powerful super-wide-angle shots. Users can choose wide-angle shooting modes equivalent to 15 mm or 19 mm.


Casio’s Multi Frame SR Zoom maintains refined image quality with exceptional clarity to a maximum zoom of 16x

The wide-angle 25 mm, 8x optical zoom lens offers zoom performance equivalent to a maximum of 16x optical zoom with Casio's Multi Frame SR Zoom, which actually combines a number of still images to maintain the image quality needed for high-resolution photography.

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