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Casio Releases Digital Camera Great for Golf Practice and Lessons

Analyze Golf Swings with High-Speed Movies and Three Guidelines
Enjoy Best Shot Function and Five Kinds of Special Golf Photo Scenes

  • October 18, 2011


TOKYO, October 18, 2011 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., today announced the release of the exciting new EXILIM® EX-FC200S, the latest addition to the EXILIM family of digital cameras. This innovative camera features a 28mm wide-angle lens with 7x optical zoom and is specially designed to help golfers check and improve their swing.

The new EXILIM EX-FC200S is Casio’s third model in a line of cameras that allows golfers to check their swing using ultra-slow motion movies*1 captured with Casio’s unique High-Speed Movie feature and guidelines displayed on the camera’s LCD screen. Based on the EX-ZR15, a recent EXILIM model packed with a host of shooting functions that make the most of excellent operability and high-speed technology, the EX-FC200S delivers dramatic enhancements designed especially for golf, including the ability to display three guidelines for checking the user’s swing in even more detail (previously two lines) and special golf photo modes.

  • *1. Movies shot at 240 fps played back in 30-fps slow motion for eight seconds.


  • ■Guideline display with new body line enables users to check their swing form even more precisely

    The EX-FC200S displays guidelines while playing swing movies captured using High-Speed Movie, enabling golfers to check their swing. To check a swing using a movie shot from behind the target line, two guidelines consisting of a line connecting the addressed ball and the base of the neck (the swing plane) and a line connecting the addressed ball and the club’s shaft (the shaft plane) are combined with a third line that runs through the back at the address position. The third line makes it easier to check the angle of forward tilt during the swing. A good swing results when the forward tilt stays on the third line without the club’s head and shaft leaving the V-shaped zone (area between the first and second lines) from the back swing to the end of the swing.*2

    • *2. This is one theory about what makes a good swing.
  • ■Best Shot function offers five kinds of special golf photo scenes*3

    • *3. High-Speed Movie: Swing back view / Swing front view / Self-swing view (back) capture / Self-swing view (front) capture; High-speed burst shooting: Hurst shooting of swing
  • ■Enables users to switch to normal speed playback with a single touch, even during ultra-slow playback

  • ■Playback with guideline displayed on large-screen TVs

EXILIM and BEST SHOT are registered trademarks or trademarks of Casio Computer Co., LTD. Any other company or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of those companies.

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