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High speed combines with flash intensity control technology and high-sensitivity technology to enable flash continuous shutter.
High-speed flash continuous shutter lets you shoot up to three snapshots with flash within a one-second.
With high-speed continuous shutter you can hold down the shutter button and shoot up to three consecutive images within an interval of one second.
A LED Light on the front of the camera turns on when available light is dim. This light can be used to help with framing of snapshots and to illuminate the subject for movie recording.
High Power Flash compensates for objects to be taken in poorly illuminated areas up to 12.1m away*. * Using ISO 1600
Nomal Flash
High Power Flash
Using a flash when it is dark can cause subjects close to the camera to be overexposed. With Soft Flash, flash intensity is suppressed, so exposure is not affected, and colors come out looking more natural.
Existing Flash
Intensity is too strong, resulting in overexposure.
Soft Flash
A softer flash produces natural color and contrast.
Movie Functions
Image Gallery
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Image recording is supported up to a maximum sensitivity of ISO1600.
(with BEST SHOT "High Sensitivity" and "Anti Shake" scenes)
The effects of hand movement are reduced even when shooting indoors where lighting is dim.
Shooting where lighting is dim without flash produces a blurry image.
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur.
The effects of subject movement are reduced for beautiful images.
Subjects are blurred, even if you hold the camera steady.
A fast shutter speed eliminates image blur.
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