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Color Variation & 360˚ VIEW

  • BLUE

Main Features

  • 12.1 Megapixels
  • Single focus
  • 3.0inch LCD
  • Battery Life Approx. 220 still images*1
  • Wide-angle Lens 21mm*2
  • Movie Full HD
  • High Speed Anti Shake
  • Face Detection*4
  • Wireless LAN function
  • *1 Approximate; CIPA standards. Normal screen brightness (based on CASIO data)  *2 Converted to 35mm film format.  *3 Image stabilization possible when merging sequential images taken with a single press of the shutter button(With "High Speed Anti Shake" selected in BEST SHOT Scenes)  *4 Based on CIPA standards.

For Android terminal supported  OS: Android2.3.3-4.4

For iPhone supported  OS: iOS5.1-8.1.1

It may not work correctly depending on your model.

NEW A special coating that changes in color tone with your viewing angle

Featuring a polarized pearl and glass flake coating, specially blended to change in color tone with your angle of view. The rich shades of color along the rounded form produces a visual expression all its own.

* This product uses a special polarized coating. Depending on brightness and the angle of light, the appearance of the product may vary from what is presented here.

Powered by EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3

An advanced EXILIM Engine creating beauty for a new generation

Enhance your beauty with Make-up Mode self-portraits

Put your beauty in a whole new light. Just select Natural Mode to add a lighter tone and smoother texture to your skin, or choose Brightening mode for an even lighter skin tone.

Normal Auto Mode

Brightening Mode

Advanced self-portrait function

NEW Posing Shot lets you enjoy taking self-portraits like a professional model

One press of the shutter button triggers voice guidance prompts for five successive snapshots, allowing you to change poses between each shot just like a model.

NEW Triple Shot helps avoid untimely blinking to ensure beautiful images

Ideal for group photos, a single press of the shutter button takes three continuous shots, making sure that a photo opportunity isn’t ruined by inconvenient blinking. This feature can even be used with Make-up Mode to enhance the skin tone of your subjects.


-0.2 sec.*1

at full-press timing of the
shutter button

+0.2 sec.*2

*1 Seconds prior to full-press of shutter button.

*2 Seconds after full-press of shutter button.

4 different shutter release methods make taking self-portraits easy

Self-portrait Shutter

· Self-portrait Shutter
· Motion Shutter
· Touch Sutter
· Shutter Button

Remote-controlled shooting by smartphone

The ability to check your image composition, shooting angle and pose on your smartphone screen before taking a shot means you can shoot more appealing self-portraits.

* Installation of the dedicated EXILIM Remote app in your smartphone required.

NEW Promotion Movie makes creating your own original short movies easy

Easily produce a short movie highlighted with image effects and background music from 5 still images. With 2 time settings, you can create either a 6 or 15 second sequence of images at HD quality. Make an origial promotion movie that’s perfect for uploading to SNS sites via smartphone.

Wi-Fi function for smartphone connectivity

The ability to control remote shooting with your smartphone and then transmit photos from the camera to your smartphone immediately after you take them adds enjoyable new versatility to your photographic experience.

* Installation of the dedicated EXILIM Remote app in your smartphone required.


EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3, making photography “Quick,” “Beautiful” and “Fun”


Stress-free photography in a wide variety of shooting styles
 Approx. 1.0-second start-up time*
 Approx. 0.18-second high-speed AF*
 Approx. 0.31-second shooting interval*
Capacitance touch panel with excellent operability
Charming multi-colored GUI

* Based on CIPA standards.


Beautiful results with a press of the shutter button
 Make-up Mode
Learn More

 Premium Auto Pro
Learn More


More fun during and after shooting
 Decoration Function
 Art Shot
Learn More

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